January 16, 2018

Late Night One Car MVA Roll Over On I84

On late Friday night September 27,   A motorist lost control of their vehicle on I84 eastbound near exit 9 and hit the guardrails on the right shoulder and roll over several time before coming to rest on it’s wheels on the other side of the guardrail. The only occupant of the vehicle was  Self-extricated from vehicle and Transported to Danbury Hospital by Newtown Ambulance.


mva 1 mva mva 2 mva 4 mva 5

Tree on power wires on Taunton Hill Road

On the afternoon of september 22,  Hawleyville Fire was dispatch to a tree on powers line on Taunton hill road at the intersection with Fairchild Drive. The tree was burning at the point of contact with the power lines so the Fire dept with Engine 331 remained on scene until the power company could remove the tree from the power lines. fire company detoured traffic around the danger area.

wires 1 wires 2 wires 3 wires 4

Two car Accident on Mt. Pleasant Road

On the the afternoon of September 24, Hawleyville Fire answered the call for a two car motor vehicle accident with fluids leaking from the vehicle the spill was clean up using 80 lbs of speedy dry to prevent causing a hazard to the environment and property. Fire dept Detroit traffic around the accident scene. Fire had the the scene cleaned up in about 35 min.



Sunday Morning Roll Over

On The Morning of Sunday Sept. 21, Hawleyville Fire answered the call on Great Hill Road for (1) car motor vehicle accident roll over on it roof with injuries  The Driver self-extricated from vehicle.  Hawleyville fire responded to the scene with First Response Vehicle 336, Engine 331 and Heavy Rescue 334  The Fire dept. had to closed the road with the use of traffic cones and flares and fire apparatus and detoured the traffic around the accident scene until the vehicle could be safely flipped back on it’s wheels . There were fluids leaking from vehicle motor oil and coolant cleaned up the fluids after it was absorbed by 40lbs of speedy dry to prevent causing a hazard to the environment or property .Battery was disconnected to prevent fire. Assisted tow company with flipping vehicle back onto it’s wheels










Mt. Pleasant Roll-Over with Extrication.

On the afternoon of July 25 Hawleyville Fire responded with there heavy rescue  to a one car motor vehicle accident roll over on its side with injuries, The drive was entrapped in the vehicle that was on it side. Firefighters from NH&L assistant with the extrication, Part of the roof had to be removed to get the driver out safely and then was transported to Danbury Hospital by Newtown Ambulance.

Mt. Pleasant 4Mt Pleasant 3Mt Pleasant 3Mt Pleasant 2

Early Morning Extrication

On Sunday July 20th at 02:40 Hawleyville fire was dispatch with the ambulance and medic for a one car over the embankment with entrapment at 70 Hawleyville Rd. The driver was the only occupant in the vehicle and he was extricated from the vehicle in 17 min. and was transported to Danbury hospital ALS.


Early Morning Rollovern On I-84

In the early morning hours on July 4th Hawleyville fire was called to I-84 eastbound about 1 mile west of exit 9 off ramp. There were no injuries reported. Fire dept. quickly cleaned up fluids that had leaked from the vehicle to prevent damage to the environment, Battery was disconnected to prevent fire.

I-84 eastI-84 east 1I-84 east 2I-84 east 3I-84 east 4

Emergency vehicle involved in a MVA

On the evening of June 27th the Newtown Paramedic was involved in a two car MVA when responding to a emergency call. The paramedic vehicle had to be stabilized before the driver could be self-extricated from the vehicle. Firefighters had to close Mount Pleasant road so the could clean up the fluids that leak from the vehicles to minimize the impact to the environment.

Mt.Pleasant  Mt. Pleasant-2 Mt. Pleasant-3

I-84 Crash with Injuries

On the afternoon of June 27th Hawleyville Fire responded to I-84 eastbound at exit 9 between the off and the on ramps for a two car MVA,  One person was transported to Danbury Hospital by Danbury Ambulance.  Firefighters had clean up the fluids that had leaked from the cars with speed dri to minimize the hazard to the environment, the battery was disconnected to per-vent fire.

I-84-1 I84-2 I84-3

Hawleyville Fire responded to a Structure Fire

On the early morning of June 17th Hawleyville fire with Dodgingtown fire and NH&L answered the call for a report of smoke in the building with a fire alarm sounding in a building under construction.  the firefighters quickly located the fire and found a melted plastic water pipe was spraying water on the fire that contained the fire to a small area of the building that allowed the firefighters to quickly extinguish the fire.

Taunton Hill Road 338 Taunton Hill 238 Taunton hill Road