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Serving Newtown

Since 1925.

Built To Serve

Operated by volunteers, our department provides vital services to our community.

Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Company, is a volunteer Fire Department located in Newtown, CT. Our department is one of five fire departments that serve Newtown. Since our incorporation our entire organization has been operated by volunteers who provide continual service 24/7. From our station our roughly 30 active members operate 6 pieces of apparatus responding to hundreds of calls annually. Being able to respond to unforeseen events on a moment's notice, is not an easy feat. Thousands of hours of training are required annually to ensure that our members are ready for the situations we face. In addition to training, our department operates many specialized pieces of equipment that allow us to handle incidents with ease.

Why We Do It

For us, community is everything.

There's something very special being able to help your fellow members of the community in a time when they need it most. Whether it is assisting someone who was in an automobile accident, having a medical emergency, or facing the destructive force of fire. We take great pride in being the first people to jump in to help our neighbors and visitors when they call for help. In the harshest of conditions and all hours of the day, we make a commitment to be there for others.